Project Options

Album Project Package

If your goal is a music album and if you either don’t already have a producer to work with or you want to engage the services of our in-house producers, the best deal for you is our Project Package. ‘Project’ means you pay a negotiated total fee that covers studio sessions, instrumentation (basic studio instruments), vocal back-up and production/engineering fees, and you then relax while Joi7 works with you to fulfill your dream.

Singles Project

Maybe you do not want to put an album together just yet. Perhaps it’s a hot new track roaring in your soul that you want to throw out quickly, maybe to mark your next birthday or some other crucial milestone. Yes, many artists find the lure of the single quite irresistible. At Joi7, we truly understand that, and we love to make things easy for you. Just like it is for album projects, you just pay a negotiated fee that covers all, and we deploy all our resources to birth your dream.

5 Great Reasons To Choose Our Project Package

  1. Joi7 becomes truly responsible for your album; we’re implicated, and it has to turn out good!
  2. Our music production experience and skills become wholly available to benefit your work – no holding back!
  3. You save money! For the best that you can get, you spend much less overall when you go Project.
  4. You can concentrate on being your best as an artiste, and leave production detail worries to us.
  5. You have minimal issues with session bookings as work continues on your music even when you can’t be present in the studio.