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What do you say when you feel overwhelmed by God's immense love for you? Blessed to be able to sing in one of the world's sweetest languages, Igala, I dive in here and sing 'Itabale!' to this amazing God of

What A Mighty God

What A Mighty God
To the one God of an endless list of names and titles, honored in thousands of languages and dialects - this worship-stirring song is done in Igala and English. He deserves much more than we can ever give. Ojo Okpologidi!

Hard After You

Video of Sampraiz's 'Hard after You', a stirring song based on Psalms 63:8, that expresses the deep longing of a soul for his creator. This is his first release for the year 2020, and it’s sure to stir a worship-hunger

Sampraiz – Save Nigeria

Here is a passionate prayer call for Nigeria by Pastor Sampraiz. Let every saint raise a cry up to God for this nation under siege. 'O God, save Nigeria!' Audio produced by Mayowa Ifah of Joi7 Studios. Video by Joe

Kate Usen – Give You the praise

Here's a simple song of praise to God for His marvelous love and life to humanity - for all he has done and given. And He fills my heart with so much peace and joy; its amazing! I can't thank